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Do you think we should not be allowed to compete?
Do you think this sport should be wiped out? 

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What is crowdfunding?

You can say it’s a way to part finance a film, a project or an event through involving the audience in the project.

For example you can already now pre-order a DVD, t-shirt, or a screening or some other ”perk” on the Indiegogo page. You pay for the DVD now and get the DVD when the film is finished. We thank you for your support by sending you the DVD before everyone else gets it.

You can visit the page and check out the ”perks” on the Indiegogo page.

If we reach 30 % of the campaign goal within 3 days the campaign will be shown on the front page of Indiegogo! This means many more people will find this project.

We will also arrange different competitions and show short behind the scenes during the campaign. You can also come with suggestions and thoughts on what should be in the film and about female bodybuilding.

It will be interesting and stimulating 47 days where we get the film financed and at the same time you have got fun, important and inspiring clips, thoughts and orders 

So that we together can take a step to save the female bodybuilding and for everyone’s right to have as much muscles as they want.

Have a great day!

Dave Palumbo talks about "Too big for the world" in his latest program

Hi everyone!

The fantastic Dave Palumbo talks about Too big for the world in his latest program:


We’re very thankful for his support!

But we’ve also seen people in some bodybuilding forums saying that ”Nobody gives a fuck about FBB”. ”Let it die”. And the classic one ”They look like men…”.

Well. Comments like that are just the reason why it´s so important to make this film.

”Too big for the world” is the first film since ”Pumping Iron 2 – The women” that is going to show the beauty and the dedication of female bodybuilding. And that women decide for themselves how they want to look.

So let´s prove the naysayers and the haters that they’re wrong. And with the great Arnold Schwarzenegger’s six rules of success:

 1) Trust yourself

2) Break the Rules

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

4) Don’t Listen to the Naysayers

5) Work Your Butt Off

6) Give Back

 Lets us female and male bodybuilders and supporters stand together for our dreams and our freedom to be ourselves.

And even if we can´t save female bodybuilding we sure can do the most epic film about female bodybuiding that’s ever been done in history so people in the future can see how far in muscle development we bodybuilding women once made it :)

So pre-order the DVD or the download today. Or support in anyway you can.

Visit our campaign here:

 And now Arnold’s fantastic speach that I tried to follow and that Too big for the world also follows.

 Have a great day everyone! :)